Dalyan Airport Information Dalyan Airport Information
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Dalaman Airport Information

Dalaman Airport Information

Dalaman Airport Information

Dalaman Airport Information

Dalaman Airport Information
Dalaman Airport Information

Dalaman International Airport

The new Dalaman International Airport Terminal, covering an area of 95.000 m2, is three times bigger than the old terminal. In addition to the International Terminal, an additional apron of 210,000 m2 and a parking lot covering 14.000 m2 with a capacity 950 vehicles, CIP and VIP buildings were constructed.

When the terminal started to operate, passenger capacity per annum rose to 10,000,000 travelers. In the new terminal building, the basement and 1st floors are allocated for arriving passengers, while the 2nd and 3rd floors are allocated for departures. At the terminal building everything is planned for the comfort of passengers.

At the New International Terminal, there are 60 check-in counters, all of which are designed as CUTE stations, with a capacity of 4000 passengers and 5000 pieces of baggage per hour.

At the International Terminal of Dalaman Airport, for arriving passengers on the 1st floor, and for departing passengers on the 2nd floor, there are Duty Free Shops, where you can find the famous brands of Turkey and the world, and shopping areas where you can buy products that are unique for Turkey, and entertainment and resting places for passenger comfort. Our passengers will have the chance to taste different dishes from Turkish and world cuisine at the restaurants and cafés on the mezzanine floor while watching take-offs and landings.

Services such as ticket sales, banks and exchange offices, post office, emergency care clinic, baby rooms and children play grounds, pharmacy, newspaper stalls, car rentals, hotel reservations, florist, checkroom for luggage, and restrooms are offered to our passengers and there is necessary assistance and guidance for passengers to ensure practical and fast access to the these services. There is also a small Mosque, a Chapel and a Synagogue for prayers at Dalaman International Terminal.

Within the framework of the terminal operation, the passenger and the baggage services, the land-side and air-side security and the financial management are supported by high-tech electronic and automated systems. Terminal operations systems are designed to work within a network as an integrated database. Moreover, the systems that are critical in terms of operation can also function independently of the others.

The technology based systems being used at the terminal:

Automatic Check-in Service: The check-in service is provided by means of 60 check-in counters automatically via DCS software.

Baggage Services: Baggage Handling System allows the baggage to be monitored from the check-in point until they are loaded in the plane and the passenger-baggage reconcelliation is made automatically with the help of Baggage Reconcelliation software.

Flight Info Display System: Flight information including real time take-off and landings together with check-in counters, boarding gates and baggage reclaim belts allocation can be monitored with the help of the FIDS system via the number of monitors placed in many points on the arrival and departure floors of the terminal.

Docking and Guidance System: Docking and Guidance System used to ensure that the plane is safely approached and parked in correct position at the passenger bridges.

Building Management Systems: SCADA, intercom, telephone, building automation system, fire alarm system, and data cable network (internet etc.), automatic air-conditioning and Central Clock system.

Data Transfer Network: Data transfer is performed through a high speed, Ethernet backbone structure, with a structural cable architecture and star topology fiber optic and CAT6 UTP cable network. In order to obtain an uninterrupted high service level in terms of operation, all the information services have redundancy back-ups and they are offered by means of active network systems.

Uninterrupted Power Source and Backup Generators: Inside the terminal there is a unit for number of uninterrupted power sources supporting all the systems. A generator system that is turned on when the network electricity is cut off and provides back up for a 100% of critical operational systems and 50% of illumination and air-conditioning systems.

Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment: Water treatment, solid and sanitary waste treatment facilities are available among the mechanical systems of the building.

Security Systems: For the security of the building, x-ray devices and metal detectors are located at all entrance-exit gates of the terminal and transit points between the units. Furthermore, the passenger baggage are inspected through an in line detection system including a number of x-rays and explosive detecting devices (EDS/EDDS) from the check-in until they reach their plane. At the terminal building, the most advanced technology are used in terms of building and aviation security, all areas are monitored by CCTVs.

Parking Area Security:The car parks are controlled with the help of an automatic tolling system and that region’s security is ensured by the CCTVs located in that area and the security officers.

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