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 Cappadocia Turkey Cappadocia is an area in Göreme National Park in the province of Nevşehir in central Turkey. The earliest record of the name Cappadocia dates from the late 6th century BC when it appears in the trilingual inscriptions of two early Achaemenid Kings - Darius I and Xerxes - where it is referred to as one of the countries of the Persian Empire. Cappadocia is also mentioned in the biblical account given in the book of Acts 2:9. The Cappadocians were named as one group hearing the Gospel account from Galileans in their own language on the day of Pentecost shortly after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Acts 2:5 seems to suggest that the Cappadocians in this account were "God-fearing Jews".

The Cappadocia region is largely underlain by sedimentary rocks which formed in lakes and streams. Ignimbrite deposits erupted from ancient volcanoes approximately 9 to 3 million years ago - during the late Miocene to Pliocene epochs. The rocks of Cappadocia near Göreme eroded into hundreds of remarkable pillars and minaret-like columns. The volcanic deposits are of a soft rock that the people of the villages at the heart of the Cappadocia Region carved out to form houses, churches and monasteries. Cappadocia is a famous and popular tourist destination in Turkey because of its many areas with unique geological, historic and rich cultural features. The Cappadocia region is located southwest of the city of Kayseri which has both airline and railway service to Ankara and Istanbul. Cappadoci has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cappadocia Information

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